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Use this section of the website to access information about your students' loans, including enrollment and disbursement information.

School FAQ

School Hotline:

Welcome financial aid professionals! This website is devoted specifically to assisting you with your needs regarding student loans serviced by Firstmark Services. Using FirstDegree you can download your school's reports, including disbursement rosters, review your students' existing loans, and send updates or messages directly to the School Originations team at Firstmark Services.

Demographic Info

Review the student borrower's demographics to ensure the most up to date information is provided.
Loan Info

Review the student's loan details, including enrollment status.
Disbursement Info

Obtain information regarding disbursements and request cancellations or changes.
Pending Applications

Obtain information on the student's pending applications, including grade level, loan period, and requested amount.
Total SELF Debt

Obtain information on the student's Total SELF Debt.
School FAQ

Click here to view school specific FAQ.